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Talent Academy

Amarant Talent Academy is a unique educational & skills learning platform created by the Senior Management of Amarant pharmaceuticals private limited, the aim of establishing this academy is to nurture, enhance, develop the skills and hidden talent of its employees. Amarant Talent Academy offers many training to help our staff prepare and develop within the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry.  

Amarant talent Academy acts as a capacity-building partner to achieve the organization’s short & long-term business goals. The mission of Amarant Talent Academy at Amarant pharma is to offer valuable learning experiences to the work force by capacity building, amplify the talents and abilities of one another, expand the boundaries of achievement, optimally use resources, generously share ideas and support and demonstrate passion and enthusiasm in their roles

The core values of Amarant Talent Academy are to serve as the guidepost for all of our efforts and establish the expectations we have of one another.

  • Be the Bridge: Build connections among information, concepts, resources, and salesforce

  • Own It: Be responsible and accountable for the delivery of accurate information; deliver the best and promote responsibility and accountability of others,

  • Learn, Lead & Become an Invaluable Asset: Achieve mastery in our work and design programs and services that allow others to succeed

Since its inception, the Amarant Talent Academy is helping the organization towards transforming the company culture and attract, develop, and retain the best talent. 

  • Amarant Talent Academy makes employees think big and long term about success and fulfillment in their whole life.

  • Amarant Talent Academy challenges the employee to limit beliefs and expands what they see as possible.

  • Amarant Talent Academy makes Vision a reality. Academy helps to Identify reactive habits that eat up the whole time and deplete the energy; adapt intentional habits that fuel focus and productivity of employees.

  • Amarant Talent Academy helps how to learn practices to fuel confidence, happiness, and peace.

  • Amarant Talent Academy will transform negative stories that hold employees back into empowering narratives that propel employees forward. Reframe employee thoughts to improve employees’ resiliency, confidence, and relationships.

  • Amarant Talent Academy shifts employee focus to their customers.

  • Amarant Talent Academy Improves employee efficiency and effectiveness by setting a desired outcome, forward action with customers and colleagues. Use the FF Conversation Planner to elevate influence and contribution

  • Amarant Talent Academy imparting and acquiring skills through a computer, either offline or through the Internet, allows the trainee to learn at their own pace and review topics more than once through illustrations, reading text, and listening to online seminars.

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