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Amarant is committed to environmental sustainability in both our own operations and those of our suppliers, and we have set ambitious goals to reduce our environmental footprint in terms of climate, waste, and water.

Our goal is to be a leader in environmental sustainability and a catalyst for good change. Our commitment to the environment helps us achieve our goal of reimagining medicine to improve and prolong people’s lives. If our actions are led by a dedication to transparency and long-term transformation, it is also a method to create trust with society.

Our Commitments


We'll encourage associates across the board to think about environmental sustainability.


We'll work to figure out how a changing climate will affect people's health and supply treatments that are ecologically friendly.


We will reduce the environmental impact of our actions and invest in environmental solutions that safeguard biodiversity.

Our Targets

We want to promote sustainability in our own operations as well as those of our suppliers, and we’ve set lofty goals to reduce our environmental, waste, and water footprints.


Our first focus is to reduce our energy consumption, and we have a long-standing, comprehensive energy and climate program aimed at increasing energy efficiency across all industrial and commercial operations. This program assists in ensuring that all significant sites are frequently reviewed and that energy efficiency investments are prioritized based on projected energy savings.


We acknowledge that water is an important resource that must be managed wisely, particularly in water-scarce areas of the world. As a result, we make water recycling and conservation methods a top focus in our operations. All water streams entering and exiting our facilities are continuously monitored, which aids in the efficient management of water resources and expenses. Sites are urged to chill with water from underground or surface sources to save energy in locations where water is plentiful. However, we take care to do it in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


Amarant is dedicated to minimizing trash’s environmental impact and follows a well-defined waste management plan. Before choosing safe disposal as an option, we want to avoid, reduce, recycle, or use trash as a source of energy. Treatment, incineration, and disposal are always chosen above waste avoidance and reduction. This helps to ensure that waste’s total environmental impact is kept to a minimum while its energy utilization is maximized.

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