Quality Policy

Our Facilities comply with cGMP, ISO certified WHO standards and have consistently scored high with the regulatory compliance. The fact that our products are well accepted and their demands is growing globally this reflects the confidence on quality by the medical community

Besides contributing significantly to the economy of the country through its growth in domestic and international market, Amarant Pharma has also been a major employment provider all over Pakistan, with an initial employee base of 95 people in 2007 and currently employee’s more than 800.

HVAC System

HVAC system plays an important role in supporting the manufacture of quality pharmaceutical products. At Amarant Pharma we have a well defined level of filtration and  air controls at all the areas of the plant. There is complete prevention of contamination and cross contamination which is an essential part of our HVAC system.

Temperature relative humidity and ventilation are properly controlled by the state of the art HVAC system at our Plant.