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Corporate Social Responsibility

We have helped prevent and treat diseases, alleviate pain, and improve the quality of life for people worldwide through our primary business – the discovery, development, and commercialization of new therapies.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

As the scope and complexity of the world’s healthcare problems grow, we must broaden our horizons, extending our impact even further by asking: How can we successfully meet the needs of neglected populations? How can we make our medicines more accessible to more people? And how can we do it in a way that will benefit our company in the long run?

It starts with a fundamental shift in how we do business — envisioning new methods to bridge the gap between those who have access to criticism and those who don’t. It all starts with a fundamental shift in how we do business – creating new ways to close the gap between those who have access to important healthcare advances and those who don’t.

At Amarant, we try to assist patients and their families, renewing hope and promising the future.

Medicine discovery is difficult, but we, along with the rest of the world’s scientists, are ushering in a new era of innovation. We are impressed by patients’ courage and tenacity, and we are committed to assisting them through our work. Our world-class research and development engine is focused on creating medicines and vaccines that can make a significant difference in people’s lives worldwide.

We continually ensure that the patient viewpoint drives our work and feeds our innovation strategy as a values-based organization that prioritizes patients. We’ve created a practical framework to guide and structure the execution and evolution of our pricing strategies to achieve value-based health care.

Amarant’s success is dependent on its people, and we recognize that creating a healthy business culture that encourages our employees to execute our mission every day requires supporting diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environments.

Amarant’s culture accepts and values our individuality, and the company has benefited as a result. We want to hire people who reflect the variety of the communities and patients we serve, and we think that all employees should be given equal opportunities to grow and advance based on merit. In terms of improved representation, we’ve come a long way as an organization.

From research and development to raw materials acquisition, pharmaceutical manufacturing, usage, and disposal, we examine the environmental impact of our products at every point of their life cycles.

Protecting our shared environment and fostering environmental sustainability innovation are important aspects of Amarant’s mission to Better Health for People, Brighter Future for the World. We understand that environmental concerns represent a threat to human health, including spreading some of the same infectious illnesses that we’re seeking to eradicate.

Amarant’s Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims to improve people’s health and the world’s future.

We foresee a world where disease prevention is exponentially advanced, the health workforce is empowered, systems are ready for emergency shocks, and individuals are free of disease burdens thanks to reliable access to high-quality care.

People and communities thrive when healthcare systems go beyond filling gaps and achieving short-term goals; systems can stably fulfill daily needs and be prepared for emergencies; and the impact of medications, vaccinations, and other healthcare instruments can be realized at scale. In line with this goal, Global CSR’s charitable initiatives emphasize beneficial relationships and a long-term perspective on development, fostering innovation beyond commercial products in support of long-term, resilient health systems for everyone, everywhere.