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Regulatory Affairs

Amarant management pledges guarantee that everyone has simple access to safe, effective, and high-quality medications that are developed, made, stored, and distributed according to regulatory standards and company values. The Company says that Quality is maintained at all levels because it is our core value.

We can assure patient safety and meet the expectations of customers and other stakeholders by implementing high-quality standards throughout the organization. Amarant Quality Management has put in place a complete Quality System that includes all applicable standards/procedures and their implementation, ensuring regulatory compliance and continual improvement. To face present and future difficulties, it is the responsibility of every Amarant team member to respect and follow the Quality above system.

Amarant believes in organizational learning since it allows a firm to get new knowledge from both external and internal sources and makes it more competitive in new product development.

The primary responsibility of this department is to develop novel medical goods and submit applications for registration in accordance with regulatory standards.

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