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Manufacturing facilities

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are followed in our manufacturing facilities and processes. Relevant regulatory organizations inspect and approve the premises and processes regularly.

Consistent quality, batch to batch

After purification and formulation, all our goods are quality tested to assure quality and consistency throughout the manufacturing process. We are constantly working to improve the affordability of medicines worldwide by investing in our manufacturing capital through our compliant and globally authorized facilities.


Patients’ and healthcare professionals’ trust in our products has grown over time due to our constant and prompt delivery of high-quality items. We maintain this trust by producing high-grade medicines and employing cutting-edge, ground-breaking technologies to produce higher-quality products.

Our Core Strengths

  • We use vertically integrated activities, From conception to commercialization.
  • An efficient regulatory affairs staff ensures market compliance.
  • For completed dosages and active components, there is a separate R&D establishment.
  • For customized formulations, technology and skill are available.

How it Works

Several powerful APIs have been scaled up due to yield improvement, cycle time reduction, and cost reduction efforts. The company’s continued focus on process and operational improvements has resulted in lower solvent losses, positively influencing the environment. We’re on our way to digitizing manufacturing operations by connecting all process-related machines to a server and capturing real-time process parameters for greater operations management, productivity, and compliance.

Using the philosophy of Caring for Life as a guide, we’ve strived to make medications more affordable worldwide. Cost and complexity rationalization, product portfolio enhancement, process/yield improvements, and alternate vendor development were used to achieve this.

Our capabilities include our facilities as well as licensed facilities that assist both the generic and biotech industries. The development of innovative drug delivery methods, the facilitation of infrastructure supporting API and formulation development, and the strengthening of platform technologies are all part of our manufacturing capital investments.

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